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Where did you get those words Ms Simone?

This short story is about where the ideas come from when you are trying to create an image using words. The title and the image has a double intention. It is paying homage to Ms Simone and someone else with a very similar name.

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I read it again for the third time trying to work out where Ms Simone got those words from.

She must have stared off into the middle distance until her subconscious entered her soul, rummaged around a bit and stirred the imagination forcing the trickle of words to start entering her mind's eye.

The keyboard intuitively feeling that something was afoot, waited in anticipation for the first letter to appear and her hand's sensing something magical about to happen outstretched themselves, fingers now relaxed like warriors getting prepared for the next battle, the next victory, slowly pushed themselves, straightening out and then clenched almost as if in a ritual.

And they waited.

Her mind stared patiently into the middle distance, that place where Daoism says perfection lies, until the trickle of interrupted thoughts became a flood and the words came faster than she could type them down.

And still, they came.

Just when she was getting ready for the next verse. It stopped. The thoughts were silent. She suddenly realised that the pool had given all she was going to get for the day.

She tried to force more out, she crinkled her brows trying to will more words to come, more paragraphs to be shaped, more perfectly formed phrases to come bubbling out into her consciousness.

Nina was hoping that the pool would generously give her a poem or a song about the last days of Donald Trump, the ravaging of humanity by COVID, the uncertainties that are covering the world like a depressing blanket. Whether Brexit will push the United Kingdom into more trouble than if we had stayed in Europe, or even if there is anything such as love or is it just needs and wishful desires overruling reality.

But the pool had decided that it was not going to overfeed Nina. It was only ever going to give her the right amount. Exactly what she needed, not what she wanted.

So that when she came back the next time, it would be replenished and ready to give again.

Copyright Roy Merchant Dec 1 2020.

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