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Something Across The Page

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Hope you are all well. I have taken a bit of a break from my short stories for a while , whilst I was concentrating on marketing my new book "20 Things I Wish I Knew AT 20"

I am supposed to be preparing for a Q&A on Friday 28th August with The Reach Society starting at 6.30 pm (see link to log in:) https://bit.ly/3cxjR3p

But I keep coming back to this little story running around in my creative pool. I do some writing and reading groups weekly and at one of them, the prompt was "Something Across The Page", so I take it to what I call "The Creative Pool" to see what is in there for me.

What is the Creative Pool, I hear you ask? Well it is a part of my imagination, where I go to get ideas. It works on the "Give to Get" principle, where you have to give it something and it gives you something more back. In abundance. But, you have to give it something or you get nothing back. For instance, if I give it a sentence, it will give me a 400 line bit of prose. If I give it a page, it might give me a chapter and so on.

Anyway, I gave it "Something Across The Page" and this edgy little 250 word Flash Fiction story slipped into my thought and here it is. First draft, need some work, but not bad for an hour's fishing.

Oh, I almost forgot, my new book is available on Amazon and you can just click on the image above or on the orange title below to buy it. It is called:

"20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20"

Oh Yeah, Here is that story I was babbling on about.

A 250 Word Flash Story

Something Across The Page

He wrote something across the page and using his eyes to alert me with a lowering of raised eyebrows nodding downwards, passed it surreptitiously to me under the table. I pretended I was looking for something on the floor and took it from his outstretched hand, whilst giving him a quizzical look as to the reason we were engaged in this cloak and dagger spy drama.

The note said: “Sorry I forgot to send these ideas, these notions, these fears and worries to you earlier, been a bit occupied lately, what with all the COVID19 fears and preoccupations and a need to internalise my suspicions until more certainty and clarity presented itself. Now, without doubt, I think you are getting too close to someone I hold dear. Someone who is the centre of my life, an important person I could not live without. The only person in this world I would die for. So, I am asking you quietly, gently, and emphatically, to back off and leave her alone. And do it now”.

I looked up at him, but he was engaged in a conversation with a far-off thought for a while. Then he slowly turned his head and gave me the coldest stare I have ever seen in a human being, and then he smiled.

I recoiled in fear, in petrified horror, because in the place where truth lives, I understood what he saw, and I think deep down,

I knew it was true.

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