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Let’s Talk About Black History.

I do not normally get involved in pointless conversations or discourses about Black History as it normally makes me sad. Why? I hear you ask.

To me, it is like the so-called Welfare Benefits system that is available in the UK for people who are in a desperate situation. It cannot sustain you; you will still have to go to the food bank, but it allows the leaders/authorities/elites to say they have done all they can and you are just not helping yourself. In other words, you are the problem and if only you could pull yourself together everything would be fine. In other words, their obligations to you are paid.

It is given to stop you from being a nuisance!!

Acronyms like BAME, BME etc are designed to say to People of Colour that you are “That Lot”, “Not us”, Not part of Western or Eurocentric societies.

What are we celebrating exactly with BHM? Are we celebrating our existence? Thankful that the societies that stole all our wealth and resources are giving us a month to celebrate our history?

Africa is the history of this planet, everything else is just lipstick and nail varnish. Without Africa and the Africans, there is no humanity. No one here to write and remember history.

Where do you want to start recollecting our history? Who do you include in that history? The Europeans do not really care. They lump all People of Colour into one amorphous cultural bag and say to us, you sort it out and like fools, we oblige them.

By the way Black history:

· Did not start in 1441 when two Portuguese sailors kidnapped twelve Africans from Cabo Branco (Mauritania) and brought them to Portugal

· Did not start in 1492, when after defeating the Moors, The Catholics started dominating Europe and slowly the world.

· Nor did it start in 1838, when the English got fed up with slavery and freed the slaves.

· Definitely not in 1865, when the USA wanted more white IMMIGRANTS coming from Europe and realised that the slaves were doing all the jobs they wanted the whites to have. They freed the slaves and gave them more poverty, whilst starting to pay the newly arrived white European IMMIGRANTS for the very jobs the slaves were doing. Thank you very much though, but it was not altruism, but white supremacy and Eurocentric Capitalism that freed the slaves.

· It certainly did not start in 1888, when Brazil became the last country to end the transatlantic Slave Trade.

Those events are just the last 5 seconds of a 24-hour day in African history.

If we truly want to celebrate Africa and Africans the let us acknowledge and acclaim:

· The African journeys out of Africa to spread its diaspora across the world in the first and second waves

· The start of civilization on its journey up the Nile

· The Mighty Egyptian Empire

· Akhenaten, probably the first thinker to internalise God into his imagination

· Imhotep, the world’s first and probably greatest ever Polymath

· The artistry and architecture of the Egyptian builders

· The Kush Empire and the city of Meroe

· Buddha and his impact on the world

· The Olmec Heads of Mesoamerica (Mexico and Guatemala) and who they represent

· The Land of Punt.

· Hannibal and the Carthaginians

· The Kingdom of Aksum

· The Mali Empire

· The Songhai Empire

· The Great Zimbabwe

· Let us celebrate the power and the artistry of the Moors and how they civilized Andalusia in Spain and Portugal and their impact on the rest of Europe from 711AD TO 1492AD.

· Let us all celebrate the power of Melanin.

To me, these are the things that are worth celebrating and it would take more than a month to do that. We do not need anyone's permission and authority to do that. We can do it ourselves.

So, let's celebrate us

Every day

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