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COVID-19 Distraction No.7 - In Memoriam

Updated: May 24, 2020

Thank you for the enthusiastic responses to some of the short stories, over the last 12 days. Really appreciated the comments and feedback.

This is the penultimate one and is a reflection of the journeys we are all going through.

You have seen me promoting my new book enough this week. So please have a day of rest on this Sunday.

May your hearts be in a good place and remember that: "This too shall pass".

This is short story 7 and is a

"50 Word Dribble For My Mum".

See what you think.

I write this In Memoriam To our mother who died 15 years ago, this month as our family watched her "journey" from this plane to the next. Mama silently dealt with life and its tribulations with such dignity, that her memories will always be cherished.

Saying Goodbye.

It. Came quietly.

Not a violent, hurried frenetic event. More a quiet, calm closing of the eyes as the last breath escaped her tired, stroke-filled frame.

Her face, once filled, no enmeshed with the memory of each disease, each heart attack, each lung infested pneumonia smoothed out and she became the beautiful, graceful girl she once was.

I noticed all this as I watched my mother die.

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