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COVID-19 Distraction No.5

Thank you for the enthusiastic responses to some of the short stories, especially "Damascus" and "The Lady In Pret A Manger". Really appreciated the comments and feedback.

These are short stories called "Flash Fiction" (the very short ones, others are a lot longer) I want to tell in a collection I am working on called "Images". I am Proofing and editing it whilst waiting for my new book:

"20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20"

To be published in June.

"Images", is to be published later this year. I am praying that COVID-19 will go sunbathing in the sun soon. Have a blessed day filled with appreciation for what we have rather than be envious of what we have not.

This is short story 5 and is a "Flash Fiction of 150 words". See what you think. The title is:

Another taste of Mediocrity

September was a great month for most of the trees in the park.

Their leaves were tired of hanging around and were dreaming of their long winter holidays in sun-drenched foreign lands with magnolia beaches and deep blue seas.

She trudged wearily up the narrow stairwell to her fourth-floor flat, bags so heavy they were dragging themselves up the stairs and bashing sacks of rice and flour against the concrete steps.

“End of another day,” she thought, heading for the toilet to get rid of that full bladder she had been storing up. All that pain, just to avoid that insect-infested toilet in the park, again.

Bladder now sighing with relief, she washed her hands, dried them on the towel she should have changed last week, sat down, exhaled a tired breath and turned the television on.

The highlight of her week, and all the others this year… so far.

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