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COVID-19 Distraction No.4

I have been giving you a peek of some of the short stories called "Flash Fiction" (the very short ones, others are a lot longer) I want to tell in a collection I am working on called "Images". I am Proofing and editing it whilst waiting for my new book:

"20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20"

To be published in June.

"Images", is to be published later this year.

Hopefully, COVID-19 will start giving us a break soon. Have a thankful day filled with gratitude.

This is short story 4 and is a Flash Fiction of 150 words. The title is:

The Lady In Pret A Manger

I wrote a message on the Pret A Manger napkin and passed it quietly to the lady sitting in front of me. She picked it up, read it and looked out the window up to the skyline challenging the horizon for space.

She turned, looked at me, smiled and returned the note saying, “mind the spelling, mind my time and mind your business, XXX”.

She got up and flounced out the door, turned around picked up her half-eaten yoghurt and strolled up Clerkenwell Road as if she had not a care in the world. As if life was always going to unfold, totally stress-free.

I smiled, an enigmatic kind of a smile, went back to my hot chocolate drink and almond slice cake, mind buzzing from the silent conversation I just had with the lovely lady in the ivory jacket, whose note, “XXX” and beautiful smile filled me with joy.

copyright: Roy Merchant - May 2020

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