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Am I The Messiah?

It has been a while since my last blog.

Been busy, self publishing some books:

  1. "Relentless Realities" - A collection of poems

  2. "Images - A collection" of short stories

  3. "Distorted Lens" - A Novella about the Windrush times

And writing and editing others:

  1. Editing an Autobiography "That Sharp Right Turn"

  2. Writing first draft on "The Bell Boys" - a follow-up to "Clare's Redemption"

Love being busy.

I have nothing to share apart from the final chapter of this little short story I wrote called "Trouble At Manger", which is one of the shorts in "IMAGES" my collection mentioned above.

If you are intrigued, the full story is in the Images collection. Whilst you are browsing, have a look at all the books on my author's page:

At least one of them should interest you.


Oh, I almost forgot . Here is that end piece I was talking about. In the end it is all about perception, belief and faith. For a full understanding, you will need to read the complete story in Images.

Am I The Messiah?

'I have always been here, there, and everywhere. I am part of what was, what is, and what will be. I am part of the Holy Trinity, and the Holy Trinity is part of me. We are the ultimate life in this universe. We come, and we go, from one galaxy to the next, ensuring that change is always going on. We are at one and as one with this universe and this universe is at one with us.

'I remember that time on Gaia very well. I had not been there for a while, and it felt good to go back there to have a peep at Adam's children. I was only going to be there for a few seconds, just to have a quick look. That is all I need most times, as I know in profound terms what is going on, but I ended up staying for thirty-three Gaia years. This is why.

'There is a continuous stream of thought that goes on as communication between the Holy Trinity. We think therefore it is, you might say. I say we, it is not really, we, as in three separate individuals. I suppose a simple way of describing the relationship is to think of it as three distinct aspects of the same individual. Three different and differing dimensions, locked into the exact space and time.

'In the beginning, there was a void where thought was the most potent force. Somehow, we thought, and therefore we became, and we have been here ever since. We separated time from space and used all that energy to bring ourselves into being. The energy that is now in this universe, which guides it, feeds it, causes the changes that it needs to survive, is the remnant from our creation.

'The Good Book says that we created everything in six days and rested on the seventh and in a sense that is roughly the right ratio, although if you wanted to be more precise, one of our days is about two billion of Gaia's years.

'One of the sad things about immortality is that in the end everything comes around and around again and nothing, in the end, is fresh. If you add to that our ability to know what is, what was and what will be, then you begin to have an insight into the predictability of our lives.

'At the start of this journey, there was not a day when we did not know what was going to happen and, in the end, our thoughts started to prevent change (which is the engine that drives the universe) from occurring. So, we had to find ways of not knowing what we knew. We developed ways of not being able to see the next 10,000 Gaia years. This controlled ignorance allowed change to become the engine once again.

'We can be anything we want to be because we created everything there is, so visiting Gaia as a foetus in a virgin was not a big issue. We were going to visit Gaia and then spend a bit of time in the Toliman or Alpha Centauri star system, the one next to Milky Way, while we were in the area.

'Something happened on the way to Gaia. We stopped and looked at Adam's children and were surprised that in the last 8,000 of Gaia's years, they had moved away from the moral path and were reverting to how it had been before the Great Flood. Humanity was degrading itself and falling back into the moral vacuum we had seen in Sodom and Gomorrah. That is the price you pay when you allow free will. Humanity was standing in the abyss once again.

'Within a thought, we knew what needed to be done. We used forgiveness and love to free humanity from sin and reintroduce the moral dimension to the lives of Adam's children. It would take thirty-three Gaia years to get started. We would introduce it in the centre of the most troublesome and challenging part of the world because if we could do it there, we could do it anywhere. We stayed until we realised the plan. Alpha Centauri would have to wait yet again.

'Thirty-three Gaia years is a brief time in the overall span of universal time, and to be honest, although Adam's children, like all life, are important to us, this was a minor event in the overall scheme of universal things.'

Copyright: Images 2021

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