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COVID-19 Distraction No.2

Updated: May 17, 2020


Getting ready to publish my second book as COVID-19 shows no remorse on its determination to make our lives difficult. Sometimes I wonder what great sin we are paying for.

My new book

"20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20"

comes out in June. So, keep an eye out for it, although I will tell you when it is available.

Here is the second of my COVID-19 Distraction, short stories. This one is a 200 word "Flash Fiction" and is part of "Images, a collection of short stories I am hoping to get out later in the year.

200 Word Flash Fiction


I was in the final year of my Master’s degree at probably the best Theology University in my Kingdom, and I had even visualised the temple I was going to work in.

I say “work in”, I do not really think that teaching the words of my God is toil. It is more a calling, a willing contract, where belief overcomes physical evidence and faith reigns.

I had always wanted to become a priest. From the four-year-old, thinking I was the best child of the Lord, to the nineteen-year-old, knowing I had a light of inspiration and goodness that must be shared with the world.

My parents, but my mother more so, made sure that each day my faith grew stronger, each month my certainty on anything, not tied to my faith flourished less. And in the end, all I had was my faith, my God.

The exam was easy. I knew all the answers. The thoughts and ideas were things I had conceptualised a long time ago. Like the Professor of Religion, I thought I was, I completed the test.

Right after they posted the result, I cried in relief. I laughed out loud in sheer exuberance.

I had failed.

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