• Seymour Merchant

COVID-19 Musings

Updated: May 15, 2020

Just sharing this one from my brother Seymour as the COVID-19 tsunami rages across the planet. Makes you think. He has a submission with a publisher for his first collection of poems. Good luck my brother.

Bi - Products?

I am starting to smell a rat, not a bat.

Politicians won't admit this, but I think that

I See the plan to eliminate the stinking poor,

By this worldwide virus brought to our door.

No one will cry until the rich start to die,

And the media gives the non - reason why.

A famine of Biblical magnitude, I fear.

Third world suffering impossible to bear.

Sacrificial offering to the Gods of commerce.

Will it cure the world or make it worse?

Copyright: Seymour Merchant - May 2020

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