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Let Me Introduce You.

Updated: May 16, 2020

Came across this wordsmith and just had to BIG him up.

He goes by the name of The Opaque Poet. (Requires Deep Understanding)

Just like to share a few of his lines with you (all copyrighted).

If you want to know more about him look him up on Instagram:



Why do you question

My perception?

It's mine

And mine alone

Seen through

My eyes

Heard through

My ears

Felt with

My heart

And indelibly marked on

My soul

It is

My truth

A compilation of

My senses

So it does not have to make sense

To you

I've experienced both hot and cold

And what I communicate

To you

Is the story

That I've been told


What happens when the merry-go-round

Doesn't go around anymore?

Pay cut?

40% or more?


Must be,

Because I'm feeling cold

Concerned and exposed

My safety blanket is missing

But the debt collectors' still whistling...


I'm not a constant

But I use consonants

And vowels

To open up paths to new continents

My words are shards of hope

They're the grace in my mind

My weapon of passion



Undeniable creativity

Was what God saw in you

When he planted

His seed on this earth

In situ.


The past is the past

The future is the future

The present is now

And that's where you're needed

Because that olive tree won't grow

If you don't plant it

And its branches will never reach another

If you don't sew

Its seeds

They won't be nourished by karma,

The sun, the wind, the rain or the snow

It will never be

And you will have regrets again

You will be stripped again

Down to your bare essentials


Stumbling forward with a half baked plan

Never realising your potential

Take the time


Feel the pain.

Your present is now

And this is your time

To start again

In the morning

When the sun shines

and it's light hits

the prism of my minds eye

I see possibilities meant for me

More infinite than stars in the night sky.

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