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You do not find love, it finds you.

Updated: May 16, 2020

This is a section from my book

"Walking In The Shadows Of Death".

It is available on: mcswellbeing.co.uk and Amazon

Love comes to you at quiet moments.

It seldom comes at the peak of ecstasy or the loudness of parties. Nor does it often come when you are hurtling down the mountain slopes at a hundred miles per hour. It kinda creeps up on you, in the quiet moments. The moments you would probably forget, because they are unremarkable in themselves and only memorable because, when you look back, they made you realise something, so subtle, so life reaffirming that an entirely different relationship springs out of that quiet moment.

That I loved my wife was never in doubt. How much I loved her, I did not know, but after that day, I knew how much she meant to me. It was not her beauty that in itself is remarkable enough. It is not her incessant, enchanting chatter. It is not the way she can and often does light up a room with her personality. It is simply her lightness of being. It is the gentleness she brings to our relationship. It is the stillness she has in her expression of love. It is the warmth she gives out without waiting to see if it is returned. It is the strength in her character. It is her refusal to accept anything but a positive outcome. We would spend a long time over the next few months getting to see each other at our best and our worst. In the end, I loved her more than I ever did before.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Full Copyright: Roy Merchant

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