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Updated: May 16, 2020

Looking Forward To 2019

Caveat Emptor - Let the buyer or reader beware.

Thoughts are the building blocks of ideas, and I am getting old. I am ageing, and although still energetic with a relatively fulsome life, I am getting filled with uncertainties. It never used to be like this, I was always sure about everything, even when I should not have been.

It’s funny, back then, spouting my latest theory seemed the natural thing to do. Convincing all those around me I was right, and that my way was the only logical, researched, sensible pathway forward became an obsession with me. In retrospect, I think most people just went along with my methods, because they could not be bothered to argue, or what I was ranting on about was pretty insignificant in the overall scheme of things. However, I digress.

Like I say, I am getting old. My certainties have abandoned me like groupies without a celebrity, fireflies without a flame. Now, I am filled with hesitation about most things and great thoughts, big ideas cannot flourish in the garden of uncertainty. So now, I meander from one indecisive thought to another, chasing the unreachable clarity.

So, caveat emptor. It is from that position that the following comes to me.

After the rage of 2018, the year when hate ruled across the world and bile streaked across Gaia, like an avalanche, a great flood, a gigantic tsunami, I am hoping that 2019 will be a year of reflection. A year of peace.

I think after such a tragic year, rage has nothing left to give, the fury must subside, it just cannot sustain the energy, so it must die. And when it dies, what are we left with?

We are left with tidying up, putting out the embers of the flame, trying to find the lost ships, the souls that are unhealed, the unsatiated greedy moguls whose wants can never be satisfied. And the ideas that were fermenting about how we could make things better before the rage presented itself.

Yet the fundamental problems that created the rage are still festering behind the scenes., waiting for another moment when hope gives up and leaves the building, maybe this time never to return.

There are some things that I think are fundamental to how we move on, how we ensure that hopelessness stays hidden and lost, controlled within the cages, where it belongs.

We have to deal with the little things, like BREXIT, knife crimes, the shortages in the NHS, the overall state of the people in the United Kingdom. I live in London and have done for some 59 years, apart from the time when I was in the Royal Navy, but that is another story.

I watched “I, Daniel Blake” a few days ago and the movie made me finally realise that my life is on a different trajectory to those depicted in the film. I am beginning to understand why some people would vote for BREXIT. Yes, they have been hoodwinked, but the way the United Kingdom is mismanaged by the money grabbing super-rich and their manipulative minions, who have no understanding or feeling for people less fortunate than them is the real reason why BREXIT has become possible.

False problems such as the NHS shortages are part of the “Austerity” strategy devised to steal back vast resources from the less fortunate. The bankers made the mess, the poor and the unfortunate pays for it. But these are small things when compared to the massive shifts that the world has to make to fulfil its destiny, whatever that is.

So, what are these major changes that humanity has to make to fall in line with the will of Gaia or Mother Nature?

I find in our arrogance, us humans forget that we are part of nature, and as a consequence, everything we do is natural. We cannot step out of the control of Mother Nature, even if we wanted to. Because everything has been ordained by Gaia and this universe and its laws.

And while we agonise over the small stuff, the major ones are stacking up around the corner.

The major things that are going to cause chaos in our long term lives are:

  • The planet is heating up

  • The Africans diaspora will return to Africa

  • The demographic shift taking place will take place –

  • Capitalism and its primary tool democracy have had its day, Western dominance with all its good things and mistakes has to end, like all things. Who or what will replace these two ancient, pre-computer edifices?

The little things like NHS and BREXIT are so short term in the span of human existence, that they are hardly worth the agony we are enduring over them. We are forced to be patriotic about nationwide rather than worldwide borders. How do we evolve to see ourselves as Earthlings as opposed to being British, American, Jamaican or Australian?

The planet is heating up.

As we become better at harnessing the power of technology to govern our lives, us humans seem to be drifting off into believing that we are no longer at the mercy or control of nature, almost as if we are the dominant force on the planet.

We seem surprised that we cannot always predict what the weather is going to be like. We think that the weather is our servant.

We belong to nature, nature does not belong to us. A tiny sunspot or a comet that does not pass over, but land, can end our existence. A tsunami can wipe out millions, a volcano or earthquake can cause dust and gas clouds that changes everything.

The planet is heating up, some say it is manmade, others postulate that it is in the Earth cycle and every 100,000 years or so it warms up, and the current increase in the temperature is just a part of the journey. Me, I have no idea, I do believe though that If we are part of nature, then nature is in control and will ultimately resolve this to its satisfaction, not ours. And even if we are involved in finding the solution that keeps us existing, it is because nature wanted that to happen. We have not yet evolved beyond nature.

The Africans diaspora will return to Africa

As I look around me, it becomes increasingly apparent that us Africans or descendants thereof are desperately trying to be what we were never intended to be. We are not of European stock, our method of balance is different to theirs. I acknowledge that the Europeans and their descendants have taken things learnt from other parts of the world and using large capital created through wars, slavery and theft have advanced their world into almost what can be described as a future-world. It is the lifestyle, technology and materials that others crave. And so those others come to share the spoils.

These so-called foreigners reason that if the Europeans came to their homelands and shared their raw materials, their human resource and their land, then the Europeans will be happy to share their resources too. Hmmm, guess they got that wrong. “Takers can only take, and givers will always give”.

Africa was the most advanced continent for almost 6,000 years. It gave out its people, its skills, its talent, its knowledge to the Greeks, who passed it on to the Romans, who passed it on to the Catholic Kings and the West after 1492. Africa led “The Islamic Golden Age” or the “European Dark Ages” as the Europeans call it.

It sometimes feels that Africa is in mourning for all its lost children, its lost souls, stolen by the Maafa, The Great Maangamizi which took place from 1441 to 1888 when it came to an end in Brazil. It grieves for the millions killed in Belgian Congo under King Leopold of Belgium. This theft and mass murder reduced its human energy, and it has taken a long time to be replenished, but it is on the march. Its diaspora has also woken up to the reality that Africa is its home and it is time to return. Spiritual order will return when the dispossessed Africans return home. Some will resist it, but the wise will welcome it.

The demographic shift taking place will take place

Europe and North America have taken the abundant wealth from all over the planet and are storing it in their vast warehouses. They become surprised when the dispossessed from the rest of the world come knocking for their stolen property. They hope that no one remembers how Rhodes plundered Africa, how Clyde ravaged India, how Jardine and Mathieson through the Opium Wars brought China to its knees and let's not talk about the Aborigines in Australia.

All across the world, the West and its cohorts, its sycophants plunder and take, forgetting that we live in a “give to get” universe, and “what goes around, comes around.”

Capitalism and its primary tool democracy have had its day, Western dominance with all its good things and mistakes has to end, like all things. Who or what will replace these two ancient, pre-computer edifices?

We need a better system of exchange to create a better balance on the planet. Those who are undervalued need to get a better rate of exchange for their efforts, and the overvalued ones need to recognise that their position is false. That they are just lucky and it will all end in tears for them, their children or their children's children, if we do not redistribute the resources on the planet, soon.

It is obscene that there is poverty on this planet at this stage of our evolution. Greed is still acceptable, and the survival of the fittest is still seen as being desirable, even though taken to its logical scientific conclusion, it must end in our extinction.

Nature has provided us with far-reaching technology, with the means to end starvation, to eradicate most of the diseases and feed the entire human population, if we chose to. But we do not choose to. Instead, the super-rich takes about 25 trillion of our pounds and store them in offshore accounts, where they will never be needed whilst millions starve and risk wars and death to find solace.

And Gaia mourns.

Somehow we have to get to a point where we humans learn to abide by principles based on “need, not want”. By that I mean, we can have as much as we need, but no more, and everything else must be released back into the “Common Good Pool”, including the Trillions hidden away. This philosophy will allow long term sustainability for us, our children and their children ad infinitum.

But there are consequences in all we do, so “caveat emptor”, let the reader beware.

Oh, and a Happy New Year

Full copyright: Roy Merchant 28th January 2019

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