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Updated: May 16, 2020

My Brother Seymour Merchant writes poetry like no one else I know. I will use a thousand words to describe a single event. He uses one word to tell you about a thousand things.

Here are a few of his thoughts.

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Temporal Limitations

Temporal limitations crush my spirit,

My soul`s desire to defy this limit.

I yearn to see Love, embracing Earth, Venus and Mars.

To see our seed scattered across the stars,

To see no Nuclears and no flying cars.

To see Balance and the Ending of Wars.

Only a Future filled with Knowledge and Caring

Full of Beauty, Plenty, Tolerance and Sharing

That will take us Closer to the God we wish to Emulate.

This, I Pray for. Only This, to be our Fate.

Out of Mind Insights

Digging at the Conceptual Coalface where Everything Matters

And the Root of the Word Reveal the face of the Deep.

We Constantly Force Energy to walk the Planck,

Getting Strung out on Whether Shrodinger has a Cat or Not

And Seeking Binary Solutions to Multi-faceted Queries, Thereby

Denying Infinities.

Unable to see the Point, our Inflated Egoes Demand Answers

Of Ill-conceived Questions, Placing them on Pedestals Almost

Impervious to Time Itself.

In Perpetuity

Vivisect my Very Word, Fathom it`s Meaning.

Decipher it`s Codes, Heighten it`s Gleaning.

These Lines I Dedicate to you for Mortal Continuity

To Enhance our Binding, Our Spirit, in Perpetuity.

To And Fro

Sixty six Summers, By me, Have Flown.

Much Pain have I Felt, Deep to the Bone.

Many Joys also, with Family, Have I Known.

Unyielding Change I have seen come and go

Altering my Status To and Fro.

To This I Often, Without Effect, Shout, No, no, No.

In the Book of Life, Mother Nature Turns her Page.

Another Chapter Unfolds, Evolves, As if in a Rage.

Wisdom from Experience, Wisdom, be my Cage.


Here I am Floating in a Space Between Light and Dark

Trying to Fathom what Will Ignite the Spark.

Unattached Thought Ping my Synapses, Like on a Collidescope.

Nothing Particular Appears but Still I Live in Hope..

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