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Who Would Be A Writer

Updated: May 16, 2020

I have to laugh sometimes. Not a belly laugh you understand, more a laugh filled with irony and truthful paradoxes.

Like I said in my last Blog, I am trying to be a writer. I have been writing poems, short and lengthy stories for a long time. I have even written a novel. (Awaiting publication).

It took me some 5 years to write one of my longer poems "Sharm El Sheik" and some 7 years for "The Black Man's Song" to reach maturation. My wife goes for a quick run a couple of Saturdays ago and comes back with a poem that I would die for.

I think the Creative Pool likes her.

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Me and Nature in a Dance

Me and nature, nature and me, we are one in rhythm and spirit.

We move as one entity colliding in unity,

Our souls permeating the same air and flow.

We merge into one at the point of recognition and awareness.

As my feet hit the ground,

There is acknowledgment that we connect at a deep place,

A place beyond our knowing.

As l hear their song,

They try to tell me something of their lives,

As they fly to places deep and wide,

Beyond my limited imagination.

I follow them as l follow the wind,

Which blows against my skin,

Accepting the evaporation of the elements,

As they leave my body, immersing to become one.

I breathe in that same air,

Which then fuels me to interact,

Even more with the greater source.

The sun radiating down on my physical being,

Nurturing, bathing, nourishing and connecting at a cellular level,

To remind me at a nuclear level of my deeper meaning.

At one now with nature,

Every step,

Every breath,

Every beat of my heart,

Connecting and uniting,

With the life force energy around me.

The squirrels and rabbits,

Now run alongside me as if they know,

They know l am at source with them.

And as our eyes connect,

And our pulse dance to the same beat,

We smile and relax in each other’s presence.

The singularity of our joy is bursting,

The pace quickening, the breath,

The beat, the song advancing,

As the melody harmonises to a single cord.

At one with nature, at one with myself.

The dragon fly flaps its wings and races me

As we both sync in time –in synergy we arrive.

The aroma of the forest envelopes my being,

The sweet, sweet smell of damp wood and of life in all its forms.

And as l survey the wondrous sights around me,

Feeling unburdened, free and spirit abound,

Our choreography is now complete.

And l am one with nature once more.

The trees enclose me with their leaves,

The wind caresses me with its breeze,

And all is well.

Sue Merchant

Copyright: July 2017

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