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What on Earth is the problem?? If the answer is Trump!!

Updated: May 16, 2020

I stayed up all night for the result of the American election, wondering how it was going to turn out.

At first, I wondered why I was so emotionally involved in America's business, when I live in a faraway little town in England. Surely America's problems would stay in America and the world would just go on minding its business while America find a critical path through its storm, but that is a dream.

The United State of America's impact on this planet is so vast, that when it sneezes, everyone else catches pneumonia, as they say.

If you are a fatalist, or you believe in destiny or providence (divine or otherwise) you could argue that the Universe or the Higher Being seldom gets it wrong, which suggests that Trump must be the answer to something and all we have to do is figure out what the problem is that he has been elected to solve, or the question that he will be answering in the next four years. Like most people, I too am completely flummoxed and do not have a clue.

As for why he won the election? Well apart from destiny and Clinton not knowing or learning how to win the big prize, or maybe her just snatching defeat from the jaws of the proverbial victory, I think this poem from my upcoming collection "Relentless Realities" might just offer another reason. It is called "The Results Could Be Tragic" (Copyright Roy Merchant).

The Results Could Be Tragic

I Sat There Probing Resolutely Behind

The elaborate protection of a feather tough mind

What I finally perused made no initial sense

What stared back at me was virginal innocence

I must say at first I was really bemused

Then fear hit me at how easily this mind could be used

With a body so strong and a mind so lethargic

In the wrong hands the results could be tragic

The mind said it didn’t really like to think

Because it could never really see the link

Between analysing what the media say

And just trying to survive for another day

So it goes home, sit down, eat and watch TV

Doesn’t question anything, just believe what it sees

If they say plutonium dust is good for the pup

The next day it will try and get some from the shop

It says it is disillusioned with the progress of its life

But what can it do when political excess is so rife

You cannot win, so what=s the sense of the fight

It’s best to ignore it, everything will be all right

So it just goes along, giving up all of its rights

While the power of the state develops a real hard bite,

There is no one to question and keep it in control

And the minds are too busy doing as they are told

The mind said it didn’t like the independent press

Because to read them it’s like an intelligent test

Besides they never inform it what it has to do

And there is no bingo on page twenty two

At that point of the probe it started to sleep

It was only nine thirty, but the sleep was deep

I came out of that mind. Totally perplexed

And I Am Just Wondering, What's Going To Happen Next!!!

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