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A Moment Of Universal Reflection And Prayer.

Updated: May 16, 2020


I am not a deeply religious man. I think God has a lot of things to answer for and if he was to suddenly turn up out of the skies, I would be a little surprised, that multitudinous thought control, can make things happen before your very eyes. But I have faith in the goodness and hopefulness of Life.

Normally, I would keep my thoughts on spirituality, religion, mindfulness and philosophy very much to myself. However in the past decade or so, I, like many others I have spoken to, have felt at an emotional and maybe even spiritual level, a hardening in the intolerance of some humans to each other. It is almost as if everyone is only out for themselves and all the collective accepted wisdom, that has defined the goodness in us humans suddenly means nothing.

  • Millions of people are killed in the wars that rage in the Middle East and no one cares.

  • People fleeing from those wars trying to get to Europe in safety are called cockroaches (less than human) are abandoned and thousands die, because no one cares.

  • American Red Cross, collects $500,000,000 (yes Five hundred million dollars from the public to help Haiti after the earthquake and only managed to build 6 (yes 6) homes with it, no one cares.

  • Charities are now Multi-National Corporations with CEO’s earning Million Dollar salaries and not much money going towards their original intent, does anyone care?

  • United Kingdom decides to leave the European Union, because most of its inhabitants think that this will stop European migrants coming to the UK. Migrants are being beaten up and killed on the streets of UK and no one cares.

  • The Republicans have decided to select a man full of hate to run for the Presidency of the most powerful nation on Earth and we wait to see what hate can do when it has power. And no one cares.

  • The rich takes more and the poor gets left less and the media can now, only defend the super-rich that pays its wages.

  • The poor now think they are only temporarily poor, so laws brought in to protect the needy, no longer applies to them. And still no one cares.

  • And the planet just seems to be dying from the inside out as its heart gets slower and slower.

This prayer or reflection is sent to whatever force or energy we believe guides us on Gaia. We may need your help and guidance as hopelessness seems to be in control.

Oh Universal Force, Yahweh, Allah, Jah (whatever designed this existence)

We come to you at this time of the great need, to seek your wisdom and guidance. You know what is, what was and what will be. Your insight and advice is therefore supreme.

Give our minds and our words clarity, so that very complex philosophical issues can be visualised, enabling us to understand what is being said and how best to implement it. Give our minds the peace required to hear the message.

Let this planet be at peace with itself today. Let it be a refuge for those who need it to be, and you know who they are. Keep all our brothers and sisters (all life) safe especially those in imminent danger.

We come to you this day in great humbleness, hoping that your grace and mercy will guide us as we take yet another step closer to you. In the Great War that rages between hope and hopelessness, let hope reign supreme. You know what is in our hearts, so please soothe any pain, any uncertainties, any anxiety any desolation as you have always done.

As we look across the world, the chaos feels like the start of the biblical battle of Armageddon as predicted in the final book of the Bible, Revelations. Nations killing each other, tribes killing each other, the world hypnotised by hate. And a lot of the haters saying that it is all in your name.

Please tell us until we understand what is going on. We know that the suffering is driven by fear and the law of “Thou Shalt Not Kill” cannot be upheld whilst fear casts its shadow across the world. It is time to let love fill the hearts of everything on this planet, enabling peace to reign. Let your mighty power of love reign over us today and give us the insight to witness you at work.

In the great turmoil that’s sometimes overwhelm us, let our minds be as fresh and alert as they can be. Give us all the strength to carry on, the will to do what is necessary, the courage to get through the day and the heart to still keep loving, when you have no reason to.

Please carry us and breathe for us, when we do not have the strength to make the next step or to breathe the next breath. Let us all have the courage to do what we know to be true. Keep us safe and at peace with ourselves and our friends and neighbours.

Let those who are imminently on their way to you have a safe journey and wipe away all fear as they journey through the valley of the shadows. Let them have the courage to do what they know to be true.

Keep guiding us as we take one more uncertain step away from wars and towards your way of peace, love, hope and wisdom.

Make each step, more certain than the one before and make the final steps a mighty gallop.

Let hope be audacious and victorious. We ask all this in your everlasting name.

These you tube songs might help along the way.

1 Welcome Holy Spirit:


2 How Great Thou Art:


3 Bless The Lord Oh My Soul:


4 Indescribable – Amazing God:


5 Offer Up My Life:


6 The Lord’s My Shepherd:


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