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A New Poem From A New Poet

Updated: May 16, 2020

My brother sent me this poem earlier today and I was completely bowled over by it. I did not even know he was that interested in writing. Amazing stuff. Hope you like it.

What Say You?

Feel Like The World Gone Mad?

More Like The World Feels Sad,

What Say You?

A Great People Not Judged On What's Within,

But By The Hue Of The Skin,

Feel Like The World Is Sinking Into The Bin,

What Say You?

Truths Covered By Mountains Of Lies,

The Conveyors Surrounded By Digital Spies, With Invisible Eyes. History Distorted To Cement An Illusion Of Unwritten Superiority,

Reality For Many Belittled And Made Low,

While The Stories Of God Are Now Only A Ditty, Seemingly Witty,

But Are The Stuff Where This World Will Need Pity.

The Forces Of Negative Now Runs The Show,

Look At Me Instead Of What I Know,

Feels Like The World Gone Mad,

What Say You?

People Dying For An Age Old Plan,

To Satisfy The Whims Of One Sick Young Man,

Prophecies, Warnings Ignored, Greed Soars,

While Poverty Bores Into The Souls Of The Multitudes, Feels Like The World Turned Cold,

What Say You?

Copyright: Colin Merchant September 2016

Inspired By Relentless Realities.

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