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It Really Would Be Nice

Updated: May 16, 2020

I Know It's Hard..But..

It Really Would Be Nice

If You Just Went With The Flow

To Let Your Insecurities Go To Sleep

As Not All Problems Will Cause You Woe

It Really Would Be Nice

To Take Life As It Comes

To See Yourself As Part Of The Jigsaw

Created By Mother Nature's Womb

It Really Would Be Nice

It Really Would Be Nice

If Life Was Just A Slow..Slow Dream

Which Went Exactly As You Planned

Or You Could Get Off In Midstream

It Really Would Be Nice

If Your Lover's Realities Were Tailor Made

If Our Problems Came In Micro Size

And Their Solutions Macro Grade

It Really Would Be Nice

If You Trusted My Words A Little More

And Not Take My Absence

As Something Else To Store

It Really Will Be Nice

When You Accept All That I Have To Be

The Totality Of My Life So Far

Shapes And Makes My Reality

If I Told You That I Loved You

Would You Ask Me Why

If I Told You Because I Needed You

Would You Still Ask Me Why

If I Said Because You Were My Missing Side

Would You Say..Don=T Lie

If I Said I Tell The Truth

Would It Make You Cry

Cry Into The Midnight Cup

Sweet Bird Full Of Youth

Come..Wrap Yourself In Merriment

Come..Wrap Yourself In Joy

Go....Tell The Sweet Tomorrow

That Love Is Here At Last

Come And Fill My Senses

With Potions Rich And Pure

But..When You Walk Beside Me

Then You Must Be Sure

Why Does She Hesitate ?

What Thoughts Run Through The Petrified Forest ?

What Force Holds Her.. In Its Vicelike Grip ?

Afraid To Move Forward..Afraid To Look Back.

Why Does She Wait ?

Like A Phoenix Awaiting New Birth

If Only She Could Come.. A Little Closer

Then I'd Be Able To Touch..Hold..

And Finally Bring Her To The Safety Of My Love.

But Standing There..

On The Precipice Called Indecision

I Cannot Save Her

Without Killing Myself.

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