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"20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20"

After 3 years of writing, editing and publishing, my second book is on sale today!!

This book has been a labour of love and has taken me a few years to write. As I got into the rewriting and editing, I decided to create a book that was more a reflection on things I could have done better or differently, given hindsight, a bit more wisdom about life, and the pursuit of contentment.

In this book, I describe a wish list of ideas, certainties, philosophies, and beliefs with which I wish I had been armed as I entered my twentieth year of life. In writing this book, I have found out so much about myself and what I love, what works for me, and what my wish list for the planet is, and I am coming to terms with the certainty of life and death.

These 20 things would have helped me to cut through some of the chaos engulfing me as I took my steps into manhood. I hope that, in writing down these thoughts, they may, in some way, help others who may follow me and see the light earlier than I did.

It might also bring a smile – or a knowing kind of smile – to the faces of readers who have travelled the road on which I reflect.

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Roy Merchant,

July 2020

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