Relentless Realities


Poetry is my first love and "Relentless Realities The collection" has been nearly 50 years in the making. From a twenty-three-year-old idealistic electronics engineer observing life in Ridley Road, London, to the seventy-two-year-old running and hiding from COVID, via the fifty-year-old watching illness eating away at his hope.


There have been some amazing times in the middle of all of this journey and I hope I have captured the spirit and essence of them if not the full detail.


I will take you from the cryptic and short Africanus, through the funny One shot at Redemption to the 13 pages elegiac confrontation with hopelessness in Sharm El Sheikh.


My name is Roy Merchant and I hope me sharing them with you brings some enjoyment and a little time for reflection.

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Felix The Cat And Other Short Stories

Felix The Cat is a hustler and DJ. He is an all-around university-educated bad boy who can chat his way out of anything. Or so he thinks.


Will he talk his way out again?


He comes home and his mother remembers how it came to this.

“Felix” is one of the gripping, sad, joyful, reflective, historical and loving stories that Roy’s “Images” bring to you in this masterful collection of short stories.


Roy Merchant, author of “Walking In The Shadows Of Death”, “20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20” and “Distorted Lens” takes a break from long songs and brings his writing skills and imagination to the art of short-story telling.


His creations are so real that he put you in the front row and allows you to get the full picture in all the tales. And makes you wonder!

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Distorted Lens

It is 2017 in a quiet upmarket suburb in West Essex. A son waits for his father to arrive for their usual monthly coffee and chocolate morning together.


To kill time, he takes his mind back to growing up in West Essex and the stories he heard as a child and begins to wonder what impact they had on his life.


The book takes us back to 1959 when two people meet and fall in love after being refused a room in Hackney, London. One is Irish, the other is from the Caribbean.


Two mothers have to choose between the family that reared them and the new family and children they are creating in the changing Metropolis called London. Distorted Lens tells their story and the choices they make.


It is a story of, Love, courage, weakness, strength, loyalty and disloyalty seen through the eyes of the father and his son.


In his first novella, Roy Merchant, author of “Walking In The Shadows Of Death”, “20 Things I Wish I Knew At 20” and Images (A collection of short stories) immerses the reader in the post-Windrush world and its influences in creating a modern multicultural Britain.


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