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My name is Roy Merchant and I am the owner of the site.


I am a writer of poetry and stories, who comes from the Caribbean. I also do performance poetry.


I am currently writing my fourth book and putting together a collection of poems for publication.

I believe that all authors get their inspiration, their words and ideas from a pool of energy I call the "Creative Pool".


We go to the pool and come back with what it gives us. Hope you enjoy what the pool has given this site.




The People Behind The Words

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

My name is Roy Merchant and I am a writer and Performance Poet.

As I look back into my past, I realise that from my earliest memories, I have always been interested in writing and poetry.

My father insisted that I became good at expressing myself and I did as father suggested. As a bi-product of that I became good at communicating well through the written and spoken word. I always strive to learn and develop my literary style and voice, approaching every challenge I come across as an experience to grow and develop as a writer.

My brother Seymour is also a poet who is in the process of publishing his first collection and his work is showcased here for the first time.

Seymour is a master of using a small number of words to paint vast pictures and is truly a master of the English language.

Contributors To Relentless Realities

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Roy Merchant

Writer and Performance Poet

Seymour Merchant


"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"
"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

About Relentless Realities

I take the name Relentless Realities from a poem I wrote called "Life" and there is a verse in there which cried out that "Reality Keeps Hitting Me Relentlessly" and one day, the understanding that this was self - evident came to me.

This site will be the main platform used to bring our creative work to a wider audience.

We will have a Blog, where we will keep in touch with our contacts and a shop where we will sell our books and other creative writing ideas and paraphernalia.

Stories From Relentless Realities

My Style & Philosophy

I am a storyteller and performance poet. I use poetry and prose to tell stories that do not want to be told.

I am sometimes introspective and my stories are mostly historical but can sometimes be futuristic. It all depends what the creative pool guides me to when I go calling.

I have written a novel which is awaiting publication and a collection of poems which is being edited even as I write. I am also in the process of writing an autobiographical book which describes the effect of music on me. It is called "Rhythms Of My Life" and should be finished soon. Look out for my latest published work, a small book entitled "Walking In The Shadows Of Death", which through poetry and prose takes the reader on a journey of hope.

I write below a short extract from my upcoming book " The Rhythms Of My LIfe" to give you an idea of the type of stories we have to tell:

Chapter 1
In the beginning
Jamaica 1954 to 1961
Who am I?
I am the NOW of a sequence of events, a being, a spirit or an idea that began as a spark 4 billion years ago and has been evolving ever since.
As I peer back through the curtains of time at all the life forces I have been, I come to the conclusion that I have always been there, from the time I was a single cell amoeba and the essence of me will continue to be there on the journey from NOW to whatever I become in the distant future.
However, the NOW is Roy Merchant and I was born in April 1949 in the main hospital of Portland, in the city of Port Antonio in Jamaica.
My father was a bit of a lad and in his early days, thought that the responsibilities that come with fatherhood was a four letter word, or something to be avoided, and avoid it he did. He escaped and left my mother to bring up the Jamaican children, whilst he was in America, picking oranges and any other fruit he could lay his hands on. At least that what my mother used to say. Actually, it was more “Dutty Bwoy” she called him, under her breath, when she thought I was not listening or understood what she was talking about.
My mother escaped the drudgery of motherhood and came to England in 1957, whilst my father was in America. I am not sure she even told him what she was doing.
He came back to Jamaica in 1957 or 58, created more havoc than usual in his short stay and fled to England, just when the consequences of his actions were becoming obvious.
I did not know any of this at the time, I was only 8 when mother left. I found it all out later. When mother left Jamaica to come to England, she told us she was just going to Kingston and would be back the next day. It would be 4 years until we saw her again, and in that time everything changed. All our certainties had gone and we would forever be suspicious about most things.

Latest Creations

From Published To Near Completed Works

Thank you for your interest in my work. Here are some of the works that are available from Relentless Realities. Feel free to have a look around and contact me with any questions.

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Published Book

Walking In The Shadows Of Death

“I was born in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, halfway up the John Crow Mountain, somewhere between Fellowship and Coopers Hill in a small village of some three hundred people called Brookdale in the parish of Portland.

Quite why it was called Brookdale was always an ironic mystery to me, as I never found a brook, not a proper brook anyway, and as for the dale, that had disappeared along with the brook, I suppose, a long, long time ago.

The local name for our village was also ironic. It was called Hambrooks and, being a village of Seventh Day Adventists who saw pork as unclean meat, calling the village Hambrooks was interesting.

We grew up as God-fearing Christians who trusted God in every part of our lives. He – yes, it was HE – looked after us through the week, kept us away from the devil and brought us all to Church on Saturdays, where we worshipped him all day.”

So begins “Walking In The Shadows Of Death”, my personal journey through chronic illness.
Through unambiguous, facts based story-telling, allegorical poetry and prose the book lives out my journey from being very well to being very ill and beyond.
It tells in stark poetry and prose the effect on me, my friends and family.
It explores my sudden illness, which comes out of the blue and my near death experiences from it, my fears as I become use to the possibility of me dying and soon!!
It describes in unflinching terms how I reacted to the new me and where I am today.
This book is dedicated to fellow travellers and their loved ones who understand the journey and those who believe in the supremacy of HOPE.

It is available on Amazon either as a download via Kindle, or as a paperback.

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Awaiting Publication

Relentless Realities

Relentless Realities is a collection or poems written by Roy Merchant, which draws on the historical perspective of a man, a black man living in England from the early 1960's until now.

It reflects on life in the Caribbean, the effects of slavery, love, illness, despair hope and finding peace of mind.

Currently being edited, it will be available in early 2018.

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Awaiting Publication

Thoughts On A Clear Day

By Seymour A Merchant

This is a collection of poems written by the poet which looks at the world through very wise eyes.

Seymour uses words in a very distinctive way and this book must be read to fully appreciate his amazing talent.

Will be available in mid 2017

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Awaiting Publication

Clare's Redemption

Written as five books.

Each book starts with a poem, supposedly written by the narrator which introduces certain themes within the book.

Through a series of flashbacks tell the story of Clare Tennant a woman from Jamaica living in England who seems to be pursuing peace of mind through a series of unsuccessful and pointless relationships.The question is why?

What drives her? Will she knows when she finds what she is looking for?

Will be available mid 2017.

"relentless realities, caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

Awaiting Publication

Rhythms Of My Life

Why I wrote this book

This book was originally conceived after I had published “Walking In The Shadows Of Death” a book about my illness and the supremacy of hope in 2015. This one, I hoped would complete the story of who I am, who I was and who I wanted to be. It was also predominantly about the music that influenced my life and the choices I made. I felt that through those stories, my life would unfold.

Some songs and albums have had a huge and long lasting impact on my life and I return to them again and again. Others have had a very large, one off impact, whilst others are only recognised when you look back and you realise that they have been there all the time.

However on its way, the book decided that lots of other things should tag along. As a consequence, I have taken the time to include some personal thoughts about life, being black and my perspective on us humans going forward into the future.

I have used this as an opportunity to reflect on what success means in the current western world’s view and whether that model teaches us anything that will ultimately be useful in the future of the human race, apart from how not to do some things.

Will be available end 2017.

"relentless realities, Caribbean poet and author, performance poetry"

MCS Wellbeing – Nourishing the Body, Mind and Soul …

A collection of poems by Roy Merchant looking at some simple things in life, such as love, ambition, hope and death.

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